Who we are

If we were to summarize our dreams, motivations, intentions and goals in only one word, it would be: “Ferdous” meaning “Paradise”.  Indeed, even if in some beliefs paradise which can be a state of situation and mind is perceived merely in another world, we hope and have the ambition that it is possible to get closer to iteven here and now, with a little bit of willing and a lot of efforts and determination.

It is true that a good intention is the first step towards something bigger than yourself. However sometimes the sole intention no longer satisfies us and so “action” is the only way to fill a desire to help and support a cause, pure and superior to us. The reasons for the existence of this feeling may be different. It could come from a desire to help others, to feel useful, or a feeling of compassion which is human and natural, to be rewarded by God and sometimes even for no apparent reason, just because we can help, we do it. It even happens that this desire is transformed into a need to help for some of those who have seen the results of their actions, help and contributions and who have really captured the great impact a little kindness and sharing could have on a child, a mother, a family, a life, a community, a city, a country or a region.